South End Grounds!

The actual South End Grounds (pictured in our logo) was built in 1871 by Ivers Adams, first owner of the franchise that would become the Braves.  They began play in the spring of that year as the Boston Red Stockings, and are now the oldest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball.  (The Cincinnati Reds are slightly older, but went out of business and reformed.)  The Boston Braves (as they were eventually known) played in South End Grounds until 1914, when they moved to Fenway Park, which is of course still around as the home of the Boston Red Sox.

This blog is dedicated to that team, and acknowledges all of the various double-meanings in its name.  You will find on this page arguments, evidence (or grounds) for arguments, and discussion of the team that is the unofficial team (with respect to fans of the Florida teams) of the south end of the United States.