What did the in-season moves do to the Braves’ pitching staff?

Here’s the list of all of the Braves pitchers who had a positive WAR this season up to now, according to baseball-reference.com:

Shelby Miller (4.1)

Alex Wood* (2.4)

Jim Johnson* (1.5)

Julio Teheran (1.0)

Arodys Vizcaino (0.8)

Jason Grilli* (0.6)

Luis Avilan* (0.6)

Jason Frasor* (0.3)

Michael Kohn* (0.2)

Ryan Weber (0.1)

Peter Moylan (0.1)

You may have guessed where I’m going.  The players with an asterisk are no longer on the major league roster.  Wood, Johnson and Avilan were traded to the Dodgers.  Grilli is out for the year with an injury, Frasor was released, and Kohn was sent back to AAA.  Every other pitcher you may have seen this year for the Braves has a negative WAR.  That means that if you replaced that player with an average major leaguer the results would have been better.  The Braves have continued to pitch players like Mike Foltynewicz and Matt Wisler because they need major league time to be able to grow into quality major leaguers.  The future looks bright!…. okay, the future is at least coming quickly.


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