Treemap Comparing the Salary and WAR of the Braves

This chart includes everyone on the current 40-man roster (and so includes players on the DL, excludes players the Braves have traded, etc.) who contributed this year.  I did not include salaries for non-roster players the Braves may still be paying.  The size of the square is their salary, the color depth is their WAR, and their location is where they play.  Batters to the left, pitchers to the right, infielders to the left of outfielders, relievers below starters.  The WAR and salary data come from, and for players without a listed salary, I assumed they make the league minimum (which is probably very close to accurate).


What we see is that Freeman is the most valuable player, Inciarte is a steal at his salary, and we’ve been getting a lot out of our catchers.  Nothing too surprising there.  Take a step back, and see that our pitchers are all about equal, and salary doesn’t matter.  Kemp is the standout here, where even though he’s hitting .290 with 14 HRs at the moment, his poor defense has more than eliminated his offensive value.  For fun, lets’ take a look at the same chart but just isolating the dWAR (Defensive Wins Above Replacement):


This again shows the value of Inciarte and Suzuki, the decline of Markakis compared to other right fielders around the league, and the hole in left that is Matt Kemp. Also notable is that Swanson’s defense is still valuable, even if his offense has struggled.



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