Fun Stats Concerning Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon

The Braves (1-1) won their second game today in extra innings behind a great start from Bartolo. Here are some fun facts:

– At the height of his velocity in the year 2000 pitching for the Indians, Colon had 10.6 Ks per 9 innings, and 4.7 BBs per 9 innings. Two years ago, as he focused more on control, his numbers were 6.3 Ks per 9 innings, and 1.1 BBs per 9 innings. He has lead the National League the last two seasons in lowest walks per 9 innings.
– He has been in the top 10 in WAR for pitchers in his league 7 times, and has the 7th highest active career WAR (49.5).
– Colon was an all-star in 1998, and he was an all-star for the fourth time 18 years later in 2016.
– Only CC Sabathia has more active career strikeouts than Bartolo.
– Colon has given up 379 home runs in his career, most among active players and 19th all time.
– Bartolo was the 9th oldest player, four years ago. As of this year, he is the oldest player in the majors.

Start of the 2017 Season

The Braves (0-1) started out the season with a loss today, as Teheran threw 96 pitches over 6 innings (4 H, 0 ER, 3 BB, 6 K), but the bullpen gave up 6 runs in two innings. Here’s a pdf summary of the 2016 season from

2016 WAR by Position

This chart shows all of the Braves’ relative positions in WAR contributed by position. What we see on this pdf is that the Braves have a great first baseman, one that is locked up for a long contract.. and some other guys. Their outfield is fine.. and they have one of the favorites for the rookie of the year at shortstop! With the influx of a few short-term veterans, this team will be happy to finish above 70 wins, which would make for a much more entertaining summer.